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Circuit Board Supports - RAF Electronic Hardware

RAF is a full service manufacturer of circuit board supports, captive panel screws, spacers, standoffs, jack screws, precision shoulder screws, thumb screws, male-female standoffs, and handles and ferrules. Products are available in metric and American standard dimensions.

Circuit Board Supports


  • Fifty-six different PCB support components include standoffs, spacers, adhesive base supports, threaded and snap-on, blind-hole, flexible hinge, edge/corner and many other.
  • Materials include three different nylons, a flame retardant nylon, polycarbonate, and CPVC.

Inexpensive plastic circuit board supports are used extensively to mount small, non-critical PCBs in many types of consumer and commercial electronic equipment. With easy no-tool insertion and removal, this wide range of available support components provides a complete selection for all applications.

Custom Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing

When you have a critical project that requires a special piece of electronic hardware, RAF is ready to work with you to produce just what you need. Whether you want to modify one of the existing stock components or have something completely different in mind, we offer the design, engineering, and production services that turn your ideas into reality. Our world-class production facility and in-house plating operation combined with years of problem solving means that any part can be customized to your exact specifications. Contact an RAF representative today and find out how easy it is to get that special hardware.

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Large Diameter Spacers

RAF has expanded our capabilities. We can now manufacture Clear Hole Spacers in three new sizes:

1" Round
1 1/4" Round
1 1/2" Round

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